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How many times do you carry out techniques with your guidance partner and you stay in the same spot? Next time you are training, see how much you and your partner move. You will find you move very a small amount or not at all. You see, when you are training, or doing Something for that matter, you constantly try to seek the path of least resistance. This is accepted and can be viewed as a good thing (more on that later). Since you concentrate on the repetitions and the minutia of the detail, how hard we are hitting, what we look like, you are forgetting the big picture. And its easier to stand in the same spot. I am constantly reminding my guys- MOVE FORWARD!

If you don't, you are neglecting a basic truth in the world of combat. I don't care if your boxing, wrestling, live football or engaging in combat- one thing is Constantly TRUE. Those who are captivating are Constantly Captivating GROUND. Every time I look at a techniques demonstrated it is continually two guys eminence there with one guy doing the move and the other guy duration there. This is good for demonstrations sake, but when you drill it you do it with movement. One of the mistakes I see Judo Players, Karate Practitioners and Wrestlers make is that they attempt performance not including any movement. Do you essentially fight like that- NO. When you fight, you are constantly affecting and adjusting. When you fight for real you are continually affecting forward. If you are affecting backwards- you are loosing. But don't worry, it will be over soon.

In the Old Drill Run Carl explains and demonstrates how to take bring down in this down-to-earth explanation- Constantly be where your enemy is standing. Gist you are constantly heartbreaking ahead and charming broken up once you have in progress your assault. Think about any boxing match. Not when ancestors are nuisance and affection each other out. I'm conversation about when a guy gets a good shot and the blood is in the water and he just starts throwing bombs and in succession the guy over. If the ropes weren't there, his opponent would be in the cheap seats!

Take the Greek Phalanx for example. The best part of the losses didn't come about when both sides were imperative anti each other. It was only when one side broke and retreated that most of the deaths occurred. Even in current combat- at some stage in the first contact, it is uncommon to incur a lot of casualties. Once the enemy tries to break associate and retreat, most of the dead occur.

When you train you must code manually to take ground. When you are enthusiastic make sure your foot work is stomping and deliberate. This accomplishes 2 things.

1. It will allow you to compensate for a wide assortment of land and

2. You will be delivering stomps and scrapes to your enemy's shins and feet.

Simply start at one end of your guidance space and work diagonally the floor- at all times take ground. If your partner doesn't move? MOVE HIM! Bring a smash with your shoulder (OS 2 Difficult Strikes and Blows) and just keep driving. Like Carl talks about all through out the series- you take bits and pieces until you start charming off superior chunks. This happens fast and violently. You keep attractive broken up overwhelm and filled your enemy. Remember- Keep affecting forward. Like my school football coach said,"If you're gonna go, go. If you're not gonna go, don't go!

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Damian Ross is the owner of Zenshin and coach of Tekkenryu jujutsu and Kodokan Judo. He in progress competing in the argumentative sport of wrestling in 1975 at the age of 7 and began his study of Asian belligerent arts with Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do at the age of 16 in 1984. In 1989, Shinan Cestari gave a class at Sensei Ross's dojo. Sensei Ross has taught under Shinan Cestari's aim ever since. In accumulation to Tekkenryu Jujutsu, Judo and Tae Kwon Do, Sensei Ross has also calculated Bando. Sensei Ross continues his study of Judo under the aim of 8th gradation black belt Yoshisada Yonezuka and Tekkenryu Jujutsu under it's founder, Carl Cestari. Below are is a list of some of his title ranks Yodan (fourth gradation black belt) Tekkenryu Jujutsu under Carl Cestari Shodan (First grade black belt) Kodokan Judo under Yoshisada Yonezuka Varsity Wrestling Lehigh Academic world under Thad Turner 2nd Gradation Black Belt Tae Kwon Do


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