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Just as an aside. For those who would "box" us in to certain "category". . . . . . . . .

We don't just write articles. There is a place we essentially train in these methods every day. This is where citizens of a mixture of backgrounds come all together and have one thing in common, TRAINING.

At the "Dojo"(which it is), we train in grappling methods drawn from many atypical styles. Hard HARD instruction in throws, takedowns, joint locks, chokes, strangleholds, and miscellaneous submissions. We drill and drill and FIGHT.

At the "Dojo"(which it is), we train in striking, punching, and kicking methods drawn from many atypical styles. Hard HARD training. We drill and drill, we hit heavy bags, banana bags, uppercut bags, speedbags, "makiwara", and "spar pros". We train full call with Bogu and FIGHT.

At the "Dojo"(which it is), we train in hard argumentative oriented bodily conditioning. Asset training, speed training, endless drills, grappling enhancement drills, arresting enhancement drills. This helps us FIGHT. This is what we do.

The DOJO is there. It's real and tangible. It's where we TRAIN. Just a note to everybody who might have faith in we sit about JUST analysis books and pontificating. The door is continually open and the incitement to train is there. You can call 973. 831. 0315.

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Carl Cestari began his study of the belligerent arts with judo at the age of 7 under the command of Yoshisada Yonezuka. At some stage in the past forty plus years Carl has enthusiastic his life to studying the antagonistic arts, hand to hand combat systems, chronicle and religion. What makes Carl exceptional is his amalgamation of aggressive arts, law enforcement, armed and real world experience. Carl has been exposed to a assembly of colonize with a wide category experience. The next is a list of some of Carl's ranks and honors.

Shinan (Founder) Tekkenryu jujutsu Ryokudan (6th degree) Koshinkai Karate under John Burrelle Godan (5th degree) Jujutsu under Clarke of the World Jujutsu Fedaration (now defunct) Sandan (3rd degree) Nippon Kempo under Narabu Sada Nidan (2nd degree) Judo under Masafumi Suzuki Shodan (1st degree) Judo under Yoshisada Yonezuka Shodan (1st degree) Shukokai Karate under Kimura, Kadachi and Yonezuka Shodan (1st degree) Daitoryu Aikijujutsu Instructors Certificate- Charles Nelson Classification of Self Excuse under Charlie Nelson

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