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Most associates have only been exposed to John Styers work because of the book "Cold Steel".

It is critical to consider that first and leading this book outlines a BASIC choice of close-combat instruction. The rudiments sheltered in this coordination add in bayonet, knife, stick and exposed combat. Styers residential this "system" for BASIC training.

The framework of all of these methods cadaver Constant all through out. The basics for employing the bayonet, knife, exposed combat and even the stick work are ALL the same.

Note in exact the "stance" used for the bayonet, the knife, and for defenseless engagement. SAME stance. The "body" technicalities concerned in all the methods obtainable are at their core foundation ALL similar. This in itself shows "genius".

What we see in "Cold Steel" is NOT the STYERS method! It is a "system" that STYERS urban for use in BASIC training. John Styers was a man of both great data and SKILL in a add up to of man to man combatives.

Those who knew Styers in my opinion have told us about his vast interest, comprehension and proven skill in a come to of close-combat methods. From the "French" style of run through fighting, to "Russian" knife fighting, to boxing, wrestling, jiujitsu, and of avenue "dirty" fighting.

As concerns the STYERS knife work as shown in "Cold Steel" it must also be careful that this was but a SMALL part of Styers generally skill and aptitude in KNIFE FIGHTING. Again this was a coordination of BASIC TRAINING!

Other sources show this quite demonstrably. The man was a MASTER of bladework.

Now the knife sytem skilled in "Cold Steel" is excellent. The "problems" that are often cited by others has FAR MORE to do with a lack of appreciation in the tactics and techniques as "they" acquaint with them, than it does any doable faults in STYERS method.

ON TO THE METHOD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

First, Styers was instruction men for combat zone COMBAT! NOT for a "duel". He assumed(rightly so) that in the so-called "fog" of war men will revert to pure "animal" instinct and move right in for the "kill". Think about this! At some stage in the agitation of real combat you and your enemy are Bargain to fighting with knives. Men are assassination and being killed ALL About YOU. YOUR biological instinct for SURVIVAL will seize you by the throat. You will grip that knife as strongly(your LIFE NOW depends on THIS ONE WEAPON) as achievable and MOVE RIGHT IN FOR THE KILL!(WASTE ANY TIME and a celebrity else is going to KILL YOU) You are NOT going to "spar" or "duel", you ARE going to KILL, continue to exist and move on to your next menace or objective. Styers KNEW what real "kill or be killed" combat was like. He realized that MOST men in this dire location will intuitively SEIZE their knife any in an "overhand" or "ice-pick" grip or an "underhanded" type "hammergrip". They will Argument with a firm Assassination intent. THAT IS THE BASIS for the Styers method!

Now the "elements" of Styers approach rest on BODY position, ARM position, and KNIFE position.

Here is where so many "experts" go right OFF TRACK. Not recall any "technique", thrust, slash or "whatever". Lacking the FOUNDATION of apt BODY, ARM, and KNIFE arrange all the "technique" in the world is MEANINGLESS!

Without a REAL appreciation of Styers Elemental tactic and what MUST be done to make it EFFECTIVE, all THIS becomes NO MORE than two guys frustrating to cut and stab each other. THIS IS NOT what Styers envisioned.

On to the "meat & potatoes":

1. Stance-

Whether you believe the "Styers" arrangement from a "classic" fencer's pose, as Styers demonstrates(for continuity) or austerely advance(lead leg) retreat(real leg) one pace, as long as your UPPER torso corpse accord and you body rests "springlike" on your legs you're doing OK. Compare must be rested on your core point and the rear heel RAISED. Toes and KNEES incisive FORWARD!

KEY POINT: Body SQUARED. Torso ERECT. Chin PULLED IN. Calculate centered. Rear HEEL RAISED.

2. Arm Position-

Gripping the KNIFE: Blade vertical to ground. Thumb Complete down backstrap. Affront upward CANT or "cocking" of blade.

Weapon behavior hand and arm: Pulled IN. Upper arm to some extent BACK from vertical. Elbow tucked into, not away from side. LOWER ARM raised on a plane EVEN with opponents THROAT/EYES. Bat hand Ought to NOT break the latreral plane of the upper torso! THIS IS KEY!

Offhand hand: Pulled in just like bat attitude hand.


Wrong foot placement.

Leanining over or into the opponent.

Chin/Head THRUST out.

WEAPON HAND Comprehensive and/or SPLAYED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Knife LEVEL with broken up and NOT Critical at opponents EYES/THROAT!

Offhand SPLAYED out to side.

Now the WHY'S that make this fashion achieve something or FAIL.

First, try this experiment(THIS IS Amazing YOU MUST DO). Don't even talk about this "method" if you HAVE NOT honestly followed this example:

Grab a REAL SHARP FIGHTING KNIFE. EXTEND IT at FULL arm's distance end to end with shoulder "twisted" in for added reach.

Tell your instruction partner to Detach himself from the stick to a RANGE where he feels at a combatively "SAFE" range. Have a celebrity calculate that distance.

PULL your bludgeon arm in to a 3/4 augmentation and repeat. Have a big cheese assess that distance.

PULL in Auxiliary to a half bent 90 grade attitude and repeat.

NOW pull the mace back to the hip and do it all again.

COMPARE the measurements at each "distance". MOST ancestors will Hang about quite dependable in the Genuine "measured" aloofness of protection from tip of weapon. THEY will More or less at all times MOVE in as YOUR arm moves back, BUT the "measured" coldness carcass very close among ALL the given positions.

THAT is the KEY to Styers.

Extend your arm and knife all the way OUT. Your partner maintains that dangerous shelter zone FROM the tip of your very real and sharp blade. COULD YOU cut or thrust him By a long shot from that position? Not really. A committed BODY lunge or step is about all you could do to close the "gap". Too slow.

NOW-Pull that arm ALL the way in so that it barely breaks the imaginative plane of the body. AGAIN, your exercise partner will have a Clear-cut bias to Argue the deliberate coldness of the wellbeing zone, but HE will MOVE in. The authentic calculated detach among him and the tip will vary little. HIS protection zone is STILL his shelter zone.

What HAS altered is your Aptitude to REACH HIM in the highest most NON telegraphed manner.

FROM the PULLED IN arm position, SQUARED TORSO, and BALANCED stance you can complete the most rapid, cobra-like attacks or counter-attacks with a great total of RANGE.

ANY attitude OTHER than this one, taken by your enemy WILL put him at a Acute dis-advantage. He will about Continually be gift YOU something, while YOU will be contribution NOTHING.

His range and speed will be effected by HIS position. Your range and speed will be ENHANCED by YOURS.

IMPORTANCE of BLADE POSITION: Keep that blade tip Cutting at the angle stated. WHY? At that angle it is MUCH more arduous for the opponent to gauge the size and duration of your blade. May seem like a MINOR "point", but in a real KNIFE fight I'll USE whatever thing that MAY give me an edge.


ALL you Certainly need is a thrust, a snap-slash(DO NOT use the back snap cut with this!), a "stop-hit", and the "hand-cut". The step over and stab is also useful.

If "In-Quartata and Passata-soto" are NOT comfortable for you, DON'T use them! Since BOTH of these moves are MEANT as "defensive" counter-attacks alongside an OVERLY committed assault they are NOT mandatory.

The FIVE moves confirmed above are MORE than enough. Custom THEM affecting forward, backward and adjoining left and right. I in my opinion DO NOT train the "back" snap cut on the "snap-slash" for the reason that I know of an episode in a real fight where the knife was dislodged from the grip on the "return" when the aim instinctively pulled his shoulder up after compelling the first slash crossways the right temple and eyes. This is the story I have heard so I won't criticism further.

TARGETS: As far as "targets" go. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . well the BEST real world guidance I can offer is just GO for FLESH! If you see skin, GO FOR IT!

Fingers, hands, wrists, throat/neck and face. The "step over and stab" Ought to be saved for the coup d' grace.

John Styer's control was actually BROUGHT to bear AFTER WWII. His methods were urbanized all through the Korean War era, long after his discharge from the USMC.

AND. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . His job as a FLAG salesman is what brought him into associate with forces bases and servicemen Crossways the country!

There are more anecdotes and more info but this is an adequate amount of for now.

I continually get a "kick" when guys dismiss another methods and/or ideas out of hand. Then when I ask them to "show me", they get the WHOLE GODDAMN thing WRONG! Of choice it looks like SHIT. As YOU"RE DOING IT LIKE SHIT!

Ok, hope some of you got some advantageous insight.

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Carl Cestari began his study of the bellicose arts with judo at the age of 7 under the command of Yoshisada Yonezuka. At some stage in the past forty plus years Carl has dyed-in-the-wool his life to studying the belligerent arts, hand to hand combat systems, account and religion. What makes Carl exclusive is his arrangement of aggressive arts, law enforcement and forces and real world experience. Carl has been exposed to a gathering of associates with a wide brand experience. The next is a list of some of Carl's ranks and honors:

Shinan (Founder) Tekkenryu jujutsu
Ryokudan (6th degree) Koshinkai Karate under John Burrelle
Godan (5th degree) Jujutsu under Clarke of the World Jujutsu Fedaration (now defunct)
Sandan (3rd degree) Nippon Kempo under Narabu Sada
Nidan (2nd degree) Judo under Masafumi Suzuki
Shodan (1st degree) Judo under Yoshisada Yonezuka
Shodan (1st degree) Shukokai Karate under Kimura, Kadachi and Yonezuka
Shodan (1st degree) Daitoryu Aikijujutsu
Instructors Certificate- Charles Nelson Arrangement of Self Argument under Charlie Nelson

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