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Pre-WWII Judo was a far another thing than what we see now.

The Japanese in particular, being on a inclusive war footing, accomplished a type of Judo that has barely in conventional with the "sport" of today.

Japanese "bujin" acutely those situated in China at some stage in this dot had to be the BEST they could be. The Japanese law were established for having among their ranks many of the top Judoka.

The Japanese attendance in Shanghai insured that the condition of Judoka involved there was of the peak caliber. Shanghai all through this dot was a volatile, charming and dodgy place.

Into this mix comes a young Irishman named Dermot Michael O'Neil. He joins the SMP in 1925 at age twenty. He rises in rank, secures a respected arrangement on the SMP Riot Squad, is accepted as a protg' of W. E. Fairbairn and earns a reputation as a "good" man in a dust up. Also his recruit exercise and his assignment under WEF on the Riot Squad, he becomes a dyed-in-the-wool disciple of Japanese and Chinese combatives, in particular Kodokan Judo.

He becomes an acknowledged expert, a true expert, proven both on the tatami of a choice of "dojo" and on the streets of Shanghai. He trains under some of the BEST native Japanese sensei available. He travels to mainland Japan tough his skill in shiai and randori, often award-winning adjacent to some of Japan's best. He trains attentively at the Kodokan. Becomes a protg' of the famed Uchijima Sensei, a master of Judo, in detail "newaza" or broken up grappling. He gains a effective convenient data of Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Chinese Boxing and who knows what else. In 1938 he grass the SMP after 13 years assistance and heads up the collateral disentanglement for the British Embassy in Tokyo. He serves in this arrange for two years. Active and education in Japan, admittance to the BEST of his time (and ours too probably)!


The world is at war. The Combined powers anti the Axis of Evil. O'Neil is now in the US, seconded to the OSS, running under WEF. A new "commando" unit is being created headed by a man named Fredericks. This composite group of assault raiders matches US and Canadian armed forces under the banner of the FIRST Exclusive Ceremony FORCE. They will develop into LEGEND!

Then Colonel Fredericks contacts All-purpose Donovan of the OSS and requirements WEF's army in guidance these troops. Fairbairn recommends D. M. "Paddy" O'Neil. O'Neil accepts and goes a step further. . . . . . He just doesn't "train" these men, HE JOINS THEM!

O'Neill gave great brain wave to the needs of these distinctive troops as it allied to close quarters combat. He was instrumental in mounting the V-42 Fighting Knife. But it was the "system" of close combat he devised that was his genius!

The complete O'Neill coordination as qualified then is hardly known today. But do to say that this logic was a blend of tactics, plan and brute combatives that was astounding, and PROVED Efficient in REAL COMBAT countless times.

Now this isn't about the nuts and bolts of the O'Neil method. The point is this: With ALL of O'Neill's come into contact with and expertise the logic he devised for all intents and purposes was devoid of any Judo or grappling like techniques (and commit to memory the Military original acquaintance with the enemy was to be the Japanese). JUDO WAS HIS FORTE. Why? Since he completely knew and tacit what the mission of the 1st SSF was all about. He tailored the instruction to concentrate on needs as would be faced in REAL COMBAT by these troops!

O'Neill's logic and genius is evident in the absolute logic (not just dribs and drabs from a choice of FM's and TM's). But more notably what instruction are to be garnered from this? What can be learned? WHY did O'Neil chose the methods and tactics (more critical than the technique) that he did?

Without a doubt O'Neil knew his big business and knew it well. So why? That's the question. And what will the fulfil teach US, now?

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Carl Cestari began his study of the aggressive arts with judo at the age of 7 under the administration of Yoshisada Yonezuka. All through the past forty plus years Carl has enthusiastic his life to studying the belligerent arts, hand to hand combat systems, chronicle and religion. What makes Carl exclusive is his arrangement of aggressive arts, law enforcement and armed forces and real world experience. Carl has been exposed to a assembly of ancestors with a wide assortment experience. The next is a list of some of Carl's ranks and honors.
Shinan (Founder) Tekkenryu jujutsu
Ryokudan (6th degree) Koshinkai Karate under John Burrelle
Godan (5th degree) Jujutsu under Clarke of the World Jujutsu Fedaration (now defunct)
Sandan (3rd degree) Nippon Kempo under Narabu Sada
Nidan (2nd degree) Judo under Masafumi Suzuki
Shodan (1st degree) Judo under Yoshisada Yonezuka
Shodan (1st degree) Shukokai Karate under Kimura, Kadachi and Yonezuka
Shodan (1st degree) Daitoryu Aikijujutsu
Instructors Certificate- Charles Nelson Approach of Self Excuse under Charlie Nelson
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