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For many years The British Aikido Board (BAB) have shown no activity at all in the true description of British Aikido, to be fair to the BAB, they have shown a great deal of advantage and assistance for the false account of British Aikido for which they have now in public apologised, the admission of guilt by the chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter can be viewed on www. geocities. com/britishaikido.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei

When Kenshiro Abbe Sensei first stepped on British soil in 1955 he brought with him the acquaintance of many Budo arts, Aikido being one of them. Abbe Sensei also brought his Aikido based attitude of Kyu-Shin-Do. This was the establishment of British Aikido. Yet no where in the BAB prose will you find any allusion to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei or the origins of Aikido inside the UK. In the year 2000 the BAB were happy to help promote Mr Pooles proven counterfeit claims to 47 yrs of Aikido, The BAB have now taken this claim by Mr Poole from the BAB Associations in a row website. I face-to-face established my challenge from the BAB to be present at Mr Poole's event, that was the start of the long in a row British Aikido Board Controversy, yet sadly, the BAB have never ever promoted the true account of British Aikido or its break down Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

British Aikido Board Account Damned Ceaselessly
The BAB Chairman Toni Davis avowed in the year 2000
"We the British Aikido Board are not the custodians of British Aikido Account and therefore have no appeal in the same"

Sadly with the arrival of the new BAB chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter nil changed, he made the account below even though the factual in a row existing to him and his executive, lets not disregard that Mr Sumpter had the only four in existence students of Abbe Sensei for Aikido in the BAB.

On the 17th April 2002 The BAB Chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter wrote to Henry Ellis with good word to the chronicle of British Aikido. He then made the next crass assertion in his aid for the BAB stance on Mr Jack Poole.

"The cycle in ask predates the concept of the BAB by a important sum of time and for that reason we have no correct minutes to prove or contradict each claim. "

The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Celebration Seminar
May 14th Rock Palace London
720 Participants -Guests - Spectators

At the Sport England / BAB / Ellis intercession appointment 6th July 2004 where the BAB were reprimanded by Sport England and instructed to give Henry Ellis a full broadcast apology.

At the end of the assembly ( The log for this business meeting can be viewed on www. geocities. com/britishaikido ), Henry Ellis appraised Ms Sadie Mason of Sport England of the future plans for the Kenshiro Abbe event, Ms Mason not compulsory that we ought to affect the BAB in our plans as part of the ceasefire of British Aikido, Henry Ellis agreed.

Henry Ellis accessible Ms Masons aura to the Abbe Event Committee, the aura was generally conventional 100%. The BAB executive were then approached and invited to send a agent ( any associate ) of the BAB to concentrate our meetings and account back on our progress, this offer was cast off out of hand.

Mr Vincent Sumpter
"No be important your Pretence, You are what YOU are and naught more!"
Kenshiro Abbe Sensei

Not deterred, we then invited the BAB chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter to concentrate The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Celebration as a VIP guest, to pay the greetings of the BAB association of which he represents . There were many BAB members attending, proving that this event was not about individual differences - styles or what organisation you be in the right place to, I was content to see students from Mr Poole's organisation who were also made very welcome. This event was about one thing and one thing only " Kenshiro Abbe Sensie " with demonstrations of the early aikido and its proud standards, with Sensei Eastman viewing a choice of techniques to show the influences that the assorted early teachers brought to the UK in those early days.

Students taught with other students of other styles and company with a easiness not often seen in current Aikido circles. this event went a long way to promote all that is good in Aikido. I deem that the attitude of Abbe Sensei would be very proud of this distinctive day to his memory.

Another crass account from Mr Vincent Sumpter 27th March 2004, In an gratuitous assail on the honest aikidoka who supported the British Aikido Controversy consider in its defence of the true annals of British Aikido and the Aikido account of Abbe Sensei and his disciples.

"The Boards conscience is clear. like all the practitioners of Aikido who be a factor to this "controversy " Mr Humm appears to have elapsed the denotation of the word "Aikido " - Harmony of Sprit to find a Way " The "Controversy " website feeds hatred, ill - feeling, anger and discord. For my part, as an aikidoka who is passionate about the art and the custom that goes with it, I will for that reason not add to the feeding fit this website generates. I can't stop what is going on but I can turn the other cheek. "

With citation to the above account by Mr Sumpter I ought to prompt the bookworm to visit www. geocities. com/britishaikido to read both the Sport England action and Mr Sumpters confession to Mr Ellis which can only be well thought-out an admission of guilt to all that supported the "Controversy " in the name of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei together with the named Mr David Humm.

In reaction to our challenge Mr Sumpter replied stating that he genially established our invitation. Just ahead of the event he misused his mind lacking explanation, symptomatic of that we allow Mr Ralph Reynolds to characterize the BAB.

Mr Reynolds had a far more critical role to play as one of the main teachers at this event where he was delighted to take part as an first apprentice of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

This was such an crucial event with many good students who were members of the BAB, yet, the British Aikido Board were not represented at this event to pay duty to such a great master and the come to grief of our Aikido.

If Mr Sumpter had attended he would have seen a Bellicose Arts Spectacular never already seen in the United Kingdom, where students from many organisations met and renewed old friendships, there were many more that made new friendships.

In just about 50 years of Aikido I have never already skilled the exclusive character that electrified the great hall at Rock Palace from the flash the Taiko Drummers on track to play on this day of celebration in the name of Abbe Sensei. I never ever brain wave in my life time that I would ever see an event to cast a shadow over the great event at The Royal Albert Hall in 1963 with Abbe Sensei. I knew on Saturday the 14th of May that I was now witnessing the best Aikido event in my 48 years of Aikido. I am not an emotional man but I will admit that as I looked over the lanai of the assembly onto the tatami area with the sound of the Taiko Drummers and the hundreds of students and guests gathering below I was incapable to stop the dribble of a few emotional tears as I realised I was witnessing amazing very special.

MR SUMPTER, you missed a bit very special, even as you sat 40 miles away at home disapprovingly ignoring the duty to the priest of British Aikido, others travelled from all parts of the UK - USA - France - Holland - Germany - Czechoslovakia. etc.

Whilst you sat at home it was a astonishing flash when Sensei Bill Woods who was the not public aide to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and lacking doubt the most influential force in the annals British Aggressive Arts, made a supreme energy even with his critical illness to pay his compliments to the remembrance of Abbe Sensei.

Also at the same time as you sat at home, Sensei Bill Stopps the delicate Aide to Matsutharu Otani Sensei who although his age and ill shape also attended and thanked me wholeheartedly for engaging him as a elite guest, and for the astonishing day he had experienced.

Whilst you sat at home just 40 miles away, Sensei Robin Otani and his two sons, the descendents of Matsutharu Otani Sensei travelled all the way from Devon to attend.

Sensei Joe Curran travelled all the way from Newcastle and Sensei Mike Nery travelled from Bristol. Sensei Dave Rogers travelled 7000 miles from New Mexico USA as did Sensei Al Montemar and Mr Chad Hatcher who flew over from Texas USA to pay their respects. Even as you sat at home there were many others that travelled long journeys to attend.

Unlike you Mr Sumpter these colonize sought to attend.

You missed some of the finest displays of the Budo arts that any belligerent artiste is ever liable to witness at any one event, a truly lasting encounter for all those that made the endeavor to attend.

I was all the time under the consciousness that it was the sworn duty of any chairman to all the time do what was best for his organisation and its members.

Try Try Try Again

After the disastrous "British Aikido Board Partiality Colloquium 2004" with only 99 students attendance out of a association of approx 15000, the BAB have certain not to hold it's 2005 Countrywide Round table .

They are of classes fully aware of the fantastic achievement of the Kenshiro Abbe Celebrations. With 720 participants - honoured guests - spectators.

The BAB having abortive in its four year aid for Mr Jack Poole to alteration the chronicle of British Aikido. They now arrive on the scene to have a renewed activity in the true description of British Aikido and its break down Kenshiro Abbe. No affair anything the British Aikido Board do, that damning account below will hang over their brazen heads for ever and a day.

British Aikido Board Account Damned Forever

The BAB Chairman Toni Davis confirmed in the year 2000

"We the British Aikido Board are not the custodians of British Aikido Chronicle and therefore have no appeal in the same. "

"No be important your pretence, you are what you are and naught more. " Kenshiro Abbe

The British Aikido Board
Disastrous General Partiality Colloquium 2004 - 99 Students
By Henry Ellis

Henry Ellis ongoing Aikido in 1957 as a aim learner of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. His diplomas are signed by the creator of Aikido OSensei himself. Henry Ellis is the Co-author of the new book Activist Aikido.


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