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Thanks to numerous centuries of enlightened knowledge by extraordinary men in the bellicose disciplines, we don't have to be constrained to lives of being paid and spending, coming up in quiet anxiety for the pain to cease.

Most of us in the Arts focus on the tasks in front of our noses (the acceptable hand forms/kicks/body alignments), forgetting our opportunity to consciously evolve along the way to brute perfection.

Words are easy, but we can avoid just blowing mouth-wind here by inventory some enduring guides for self-growth, followed by instruction suggestions:

* The bodily and highbrow functions die, while the character continues to grow. This is a no-brainer, but it's amazing how many clubs are contented with knowledge only to kick butt. What's left when full acquaintance is a thing of your developed past, with only knee pains to jolt a dim memory? Lots of ways to key that one-and it's advance to develop chi and consideration practices now.

* Believe you know nothing-then the Above Man will appear. The most arduous opponent is your own ego. In training, first learn to snoop and watch carefully, then proceed with noble concentration and caution. Your elevated functions will then conduct lacking impediments.

* No agency exists exterior of your Self. The doing well student-master association is automatically a symbiotic one. Each needs the other in order to bring the task at hand to fruition. Many contemporary followers of the belligerent arts have elapsed that the grading approach produces no answer ranks. The classification is circular: the undergraduate must come to a decision by what criteria he requirements to be graded, and then he finds an all right character to award the comfortable of the pet curriculum. Similarly, the educationalist must conclude the qualities of a potentially considered necessary student, then agreement with that candidate. Both are plunging from the same well, both are reflections of a Being donation meta-cultural sustenance.

* Characteristics points the Way. It is not likely to communicate in words what is most real, sublime, and ultimate. Recognizing the limitations of the intellect, antagonistic exercise traditions guide with the lamp of aim experience. The fool wastes energy talking, while the Master gets on with the work-usually outside.

* Alter or die. You are here to evolve, and that means transformation-rarely pleasant, at all times compulsory if we wish to do more than decay in a past of illusions. That which does not adjustment dies soon thereafter. It's central to keep your exercise fresh and stimulating; this by and large will mean putting some class hours into individual disciplines.

* Comfort is dangerous, seek the difficult. In training, eat bitter every day. Don't fail to remember to hammer the basics: they will keep your workouts honest-and afford you with athletic tools to apparent new ideas.

* Bitter alone is a poor diet. Drinking bitter every day is only one side of the tri-lateral equation. One thousand kicks daily will not stretch your mind's rational capabilities, nor will it feed extrasensory circuits of intuition. A absolute Art of leg military exercises combines apt attention, visualization, and conscious breath be in command of patterns, along with repetitions of well-aligned kicking form.

* Distress is a great Teacher, but life-threatening poverty is not Noble. It is a fact of human life that we learn a great deal more from our struggles than from complacency. But if we are to build up in training, we must argue a ample banner of living, thus guarding the Three Raw materials of the Temple.

* Chasing the illusions of wealth, position, status, collective power will stunt your evolution. Current men have been divested, emasculated, and tamed all through common brainwashing by the cultivation of commerce. We are told to defend marketing strategies, base lines, and aggressive augmentation policies of affair cartels. These communal programmers love money. What do you love?

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Sifu Orem holds the next ranks:

-Certified Instructor, Guang Ping Yang T'ai-Chi Assn. ;

-Black Sash/Instructor, from Gung-Fu Wu-Shu Institute;

-6th Gradation Black Sash in Chinese Boxing, from the Worldwide Chinese Boxing Federation;

-8th Extent Black Belt in Zen Kempo-jitsu, from the World Nibuikai Budo Federation.

He was also voted into the World Antagonistic Arts Masters Citizens (head-quartered in Germany), as the grade associate of the Society.

Sifu Orem is the biographer of numerous manuals alert on the practicum and method of actual training, counting the highly praised SENG PING TAO: PATH OF THE Combatant MONK and ESOTERIC Bellicose ARTS OF ZEN: Education METHODS FROM THE PATRIARCH. He has also produced and bent 50 instruction videos with such diverse topics as Kempo Ki/Chi Development, Northern Shaolin for the Mature Athlete, T'ai-chi and Pregnancy, a children's Kung Fu series, plus many northern and southern Shaolin hand and stick forms. He's a featured journalist with the on-line aggressive arts magazine DRAGON'S LIST (dragonslist. com).

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