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Many Taoists recluses and Buddhists monks dwelled in mountains and forests to observe, listen, and contemplate in order to arrange deeper accord and larger awareness of characteristics than is doable when existing in the environment of human society.

Often in exploration of extraordinary durability and assets of life, these extraordinary men (and a few women) moved from comment of characteristics to experimentation and advance of the body. The goal of endurance necessitated that the body be geared up by a existence of practices. Thus research of a strong, fit body led to the advancement of these breathing exercises. For thousands of years men have adept and industrial these breath charge techniques to build up health, accepted harms and heal illnesses of a mixture of parts of the vital organs. You can come into contact with the remuneration for yourself.

The breathing exercises are grouped into three areas, the stage exceptional (yet integrated) functions. The first alarm is close triage for the sufferer, with focus on illness prevention, and eradication of sickness. The back level aims at innovation and methods for prolonging a good for you life. The upper level exercises help calm the mind, correspond the will, farm spirit. Each development is in rhythm with deep breathing technique. Full concentration and daily carry out are required.

I deliberate many of these techniques at the Chi Kung Institute in San Francisco. The coach was Chiu Lim Chan, age 54 at the time (1975), who looked 35 and had a belly as hard as a stone. He got the experience on Wu Tang Mountain from a 180 year-old man; that was in 1940.

Tao Ga Chi Kung/Taoist Drill Energy Work

Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation)

Tao Yin/Lead and Guide Energy

5 Animals Frolics

Meridian Chi Kung

Medicinal Yin-Yang Chi Kung

5 Organs Chi Kung

5 Animals, 5 Essentials Chi Kung

6 Joints Chi Kung

Two Meridians Chi Kung

18 Silk Reeling Chi Kung

Lohan Shou Chi Kung/Buddhist Educate Energy Work

Pa Tuan Jin/8 Pieces of Gold Brocade

Iron Warrior

Bei Wu Hsing Chi Kung/N. 5 Animals Chi Kung

Shaolin Zen One Handle Pointing Chi Kung

Chan Mi Kung

Shipalohanshou/18 Methods of the Arhat. If you want to acquisition Dr. Orem's education guidebook in this art, click here:

Yi Jin Ching/Tendon Washing Classic. If you want to asset Dr. Orem's exercise guide in Yi Jin Ching, click here:

Shii Shoei Ching/Marrow Washing Classic

Bodhidharma Jing Kang Ch'uan/Diamond Body Chi-Kung

Stone Fighter Chi Kung

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Sifu Orem is the cause of quite a few manuals paying attention on the practicum and attitude of efficient training, counting the highly praised SENG PING TAO: PATH OF THE Combatant MONK and ESOTERIC Bellicose ARTS OF ZEN: Guidance METHODS FROM THE PATRIARCH. He has also formed and created 50 exercise videos with such diverse topics as Kempo Ki/Chi Development, Northern Shaolin for the Mature Athlete, T'ai-chi and Pregnancy, a children's Kung Fu series, plus many northern and southern Shaolin hand and stick forms. He was a featured essayist with the on-line bellicose arts magazine DRAGON'S LIST (dragonslist. com)in the subsequent issues: November, (1999), January (2000), March (2000).


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