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I have read a come to of books, articles, and novels, and have watched movies and tv chain that touched on the origins of Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi Boxing), and the question, "Who Fashioned Tai Chi Chuan?" made me affair very much!

Although deliberate the origins or the font of Tai Chi Chuan is not going to have much property on your culture and enthusiastic of the art, it is my conscientiousness to share with the ample of what I have found out. And agreement the origins of a touch that we loved so much about will make us be aware the absorb it better, if not civilizing our skills.

The legend was too well-known. And most associates will tell and re-tell the stories of a priest named Zhang Sanfeng of the Wudang Sect who found this exceptional bellicose arts called Tai Chi Chuan. I was fascinated by these legends, and found in my opinion believing them too? until I researched more genuinely into its past backgrounds. Some myths said that he got the inspiration to build Tai Chi Chuan from observing the fight connecting a snake and a crane, and some said in he cultured it from an immortal in a dream.


Yes, this conjecture is found in a recorded scripture.

Based on that on paper scripture, it was claimed that Zhang Sanfeng were summoned by the Monarch at that time, about the end of Song Dynasty. He was on his way to the palace when he was surrounded by a group of over 100 bandits. Incapable to breakthrough, he put a night up in hiding.

That night, he dreamt of assembly King Yuan, before ruler of China in who appeared as an immortal in his dream. King Yuan skilled him a exclusive type of belligerent art in that dream.

Next day, with this new skill, Zhang Sanfeng defeated the 100 over bandits, single-handedly. From then onwards, Zhang Sanfeng began to teach this mysteriously acquired skill to his disciples and this art is known as Tai Chi Chuan.

Let's put aside the point about him defeating 100 over bandits single-handedly, which is very challenging to be acknowledged as a true point. Even the life of Zhang Sanfeng is very much speculated! Some claimed that he lived in the commencement of Yuan Dynasty; some claimed that he lived at some stage in the Jin Invasion of the Southern Song Dynasty; some claimed that he lived in the Song Dynasty; and some even said in Ming Dynasty. This is quite debatable.

On top of that, why King Yuan in his dream???

This is essentially as the bond connecting philosophies (some said religion) and antagonistic arts are carefully related. Since Daoism is very much deep-seated in the Chinese civilization and it stresses on maintenance life, with the current towards achieving immortality, the immortal King Yuan, came into the consider in this legend.

Many Chinese scholars and writers have disagreed with this record!

Even there's collective arrangement that Zhang Sanfeng is not the one formed Tai Chi Chuan, there are many disagreement concerning the cause of Tai Chi Chuan. There are many schools of thought. Some claimed that it began in Liang State of the Southern Family era - by Han Gongyue and Cheng Lingxi. There are claims that it was produced by Xu Xuanpin or Li Daozi in the Tang Dynasty.

Based on more consistent sources and records, Tai Chi Chuan originated from Chen Wangting, the 9th age bracket of the Chen clan of Chenjiagou in Nanwen Area for the duration of the late Ming Dynasty.

With this, there are some assumed that Tai Chi Chuan was fashioned by the 1st cohort of the Chen clan - Chen Bo who was an knowledgeable in aggressive arts, and Chen Bo was influenced by Zhang Sanfeng's concept. However, there are no clear account to prove this theory.

It was argued that Tai Chi Chuan had been accepted down from age group to age group in the Chen family. Only until the time of Chen Wangting (approx. 1600-1680 AD), the art was systemized at some point in his old age.

He researched on the Huangting Jin which provided him with guidance on breathing techniques, combining ideas found in The Book of 12 Fist Motions by Qi Jiguang, and the ideas of yin and yang. And he injected these ideas into his family's Tai Chi Chuan to systemize it into 5 sets of Tai Chi Chuan forms and 1 set of Mortar Fist.

He had also agreed Tai Chi Sabre, Tai Chi Spear and a choice of sets of weapons accommodating forms. In the same time, he produced Tai Chi Push Hand and Tai Chi Sticking Spear. This was an incredible work which acceptable Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan to additional arise into a accomplish antagonistic art system. It was even more accomplish than its first Tai Chi exercise.

This can be said to be the derivation of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, which also means that, the cause of all forms of Tai Chi Chuan!

Through generations, Tai Chi Chuan had been accepted on and been modified. This resulted in a range of styles and sects. For example, because of the coaching and guidance from Chen Changxin, Yang Luchan, nicknamed "The Indomitable Yang", produced the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Then, when Yang Luchan accepted his skills to Wu Quanyou, Wu fashioned the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. Chen Qingping who erudite from Chen Youben produced the Zhao Style Tai Chi Chuan. Wu Yuxiang who academic from Yang Luchan and Chen Qingping fashioned Wu (different Chinese charm from the before Wu) Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Following that, Li Yishe produced Li Style; from Li, Hao Weizhen produced Hao Style; and from Hao, Sun Lutang fashioned the Sun Style. There are probably more than what I can list!

Sorry if I sound rude, but I need to put those researched in rank to communal so that we can be grateful for the art develop when we appreciate its chronological advancement and the core main beliefs at the back of Tai Chi Chuan.

I don't mean doubt the continuation of Zhang Sanfeng. I ongoing erudition consideration at the age of 10 and in the scriptures that I based my consideration on, Zhang Sanfeng's name had been mentioned many, many times. His techniques and ideology influenced my first deliberation practices. I in point of fact admiration this great master of the past and had once have faith in in the legend, despite the fact that chronological evidents of his life were not very clear!

What I want to share here is solid sources of past proceedings that can be proven to be reliable, until acquaint with dates. Researches have still been conceded out, even if many contracted that Chen Wangting be supposed to get the accept in putting Tai Chi Chuan into a systematic sets of belligerent and medicinal arts, which in a different word, Chen Wangting is known to have fashioned the Tai Chi Chuan coordination we had at the acquaint with days! Who knows if any auxiliary researches may bare other report or sources that may prove anything contemporary theories otherwise!

May the Energy of Tai Chi be with you!

Written by,
C. Guan Soo
http://www. TaichiForYourHealth. com

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C. Guan Soo is a Tai Chi Practitioner who has 23 years of be subjected to in meditation, belligerent arts, Tai Chi Chuan, medicinal arts, eastern philosophies and Buddhism. He has a website at: http://www. TaichiForYourHealth. com to converse how Tai Chi Chuan can help to better you health, physically and mentally.


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