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Real Life Self-Defense Starts From...

"Nicky Bats" was an "old school" kinda guy. He was "street" thru and thru.

Women in the Bellicose Arts

1st Lady Associate to Sensei Henry Ellis Ellis Schools of Conventional AikidoI was born in West London in 1963, my priest was very complex in the antagonistic arts and a dan grade in Karate he was also a dealer in antiquated Japanese arms and armour, while my minister has an antiques shop in London's Bond Street, my home was more like a samurai warriors dressing room, with first suits of Japanese armour accomplished with very frighting face masks that would frighten the life out of my links when ever they came to visit, there were also very many advantageous swords yari and naginata spears.The MastersMy vicar would go about the world penetrating for the best condition weapons, what intrigued me the most as a child was all these bizarre visitors that would come to my home, the famed Otani children were consistent visitors with Sensei Matsuro Otani 7th dan Judo the UK General Coach, Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, Tomio Otani Sensei the UK Citizen Coach for Kendo, his visitors were like the who's who of antagonistic arts, as in recent times as two weeks ago I was content to meet with Sensei Kazuo Chiba 8th dan when he came to see my father.

COMBATIVES? ...... Don't Tell Me. I Know What That Is! (Part 1)

"Combatives" from the root word COMBAT - "to fight in absolute contact", "active fighting concerning enemies", "any fight or struggle".Well, let's see??????.

COMBATIVES A Rose by Any Other Name?....Part 2

The dawn of World War One (the war to END all wars) brought contest into a new and premonition era of man to man homicide and slaughter. Air power, automatic warfare, compound conflict and the common extensive use of appliance guns altered the face of argue about completely.

Martial Arts and The Zone

On the occasions you delivered the absolute strike; blocked devoid of the need to think or performed a near sound kata, did it feel difficult? Or did you get the sense it happened by itself? The 'zone' is a place where athletes depict this sort of experience. Studies advise its a state of 'effortless merging of battle and awareness'.


This is our last episode on "defining" the parameters of COMBATIVES.The point, I am sure, will be missed by some but it must be emphasized that this cloth is chronological fact and is exact in substance and detail.

New Book: Activist Aikido

A new book with a doable look at Aikido and its history. The Co-authors are aim students of the legendary master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1957.

Martial Arts: Mind, Body and Attitude Free Online

This Aggressive Arts website uses body, character and mind to assemble an brilliant exemplar of the condition and quantity of in order you can put on your website.http://www.

Makiwara Training

Shigeru Kimura Sensei 9th Dan Tani-Ha Shitoryu Shukokai had a punch that was like receiving hit with a cannonball.Kimura Sensei had won the All Japan Karate Battle two years in a row.

Martial Arts and The Bible

As a Christian and a belligerent arts student, I have often wrestled with the idea of self-defense. Does God be expecting me to defend my category and for myself when physically attacked or am I to "turn the other cheek" and carry on it in the name of Jesus? As I measured the many annotations I encountered on this topic, I became even more confused.

Nuts & Bolts of Self Defense

Fundamental "Nuts & Bolts" education for close combat ought to be going to at big business with the extremes. That is a life and death struggle for survival, i.

Dermot Michael (Pat) ONeill

Dermot O'Neill was born in 1905 in Province Cork, Ireland. As a teenager he traveled to China, and established in Shanghai.

What Can We Learn From What Has By now Been Done?

Pre-WWII Judo was a far atypical thing than what we see now.The Japanese in particular, being on a international war footing, able a type of Judo that has diminutive in communal with the "sport" of today.

Regular or De-escalated

We constantly stress that Nobody occurs in a vacuum. There all the time exists stepping shingle or a development of dealings that lead up to a "situation".

The Test

"Will this work so that I can use it intuitively in vital combat alongside an opponent who is gritty to avoid me from doing so, and who is motivated to eliminate me by fair means or foul". ~ Rex ApplegateIt especially does NOT affair one iota what style, system, method, or method you MAY wish to apply to your own survival training.

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